Fossil of the Day

U.S. and EU Each Win 1 Fossil in Cancun, Canada Takes 2nd Place Again

8 Dec 2010

Canada Takes 1st Place Fossil of the Day for Supporting a “Zombie” Kyoto

6 Dec 2010

Saudi Arabia Earns 1st Place Fossil of the Day for Trying to Silence Civil Society

4 Dec 2010

Over a Dozen Countries Share Fossils for Carbon Capture & Storage and “Hot Air”

2 Dec 2010

Japan Wins 1st (and Only) Place Fossil of the Day for Trying to Kill Kyoto Protocol

1 Dec 2010

Canada Sweeps 1st Cancun Fossil of the Day Awards for Year of Climate Inaction

30 Nov 2010

New Zealand

9 Oct 2010

Fossil Delivery!

23 Dec 2009

Fossil of the Day – Behind the scenes!

22 Dec 2009

Fossil of the Year – on video!

19 Dec 2009

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