Fossil of the Day

“Coaland” Poland Returns to Fossil Stage with 1st Place, Canada Earns Another Fossil in 2nd

30 Nov 2011

Canada Earns 1st Place Again, United States Takes 2nd, a Safe Climate Comes in Last

29 Nov 2011

Canada Wins 1st and 2nd Place Fossils – Threatens KP, Insults LDCs

28 Nov 2011

Japan Wins 1st Place Fossil

6 Oct 2011

First Place Fossil Goes to the USA, while Saudi Arabia Earns Its 2nd Second Place Fossil

4 Oct 2011

Japan Takes First Place Fossil Of The Day Award At Panamá Climate Talks, While Denmark Receives The Ray Of The Day

3 Oct 2011

Russia & Antigua and Barbuda Earn Fossils, Many Nations Receive Joint Ray

17 Jun 2011

A Slew of Fossils and Rays Awarded On Second to Last Day of Bonn Talks

17 Jun 2011

India Earns First place (and only) Fossil of the Day

15 Jun 2011

Saudi Arabia Take First Place, Qatar Earns Second

13 Jun 2011

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