Fossil of the Day

A Hot Blast of Hot Air from Doha Delivers Fossils to Poland and Russia

29 Nov 2012

Fossil bounty for backtracking Canada and New Zealand

28 Nov 2012


27 Nov 2012

Civil Society Awards Fossil To Rich Countries Who Shun Kyoto Commitment

26 Nov 2012

Fossil of the Day awards for ALL governments for agreeing a future we DON’T want

19 Jun 2012

Shell, Exxon Mobil, Petrobras, Chevron and BP Given First Ever “Corporate” Fossil

18 Jun 2012

Brazil Takes 1st Place; Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, EU, Canada US, & More 2nd

17 Jun 2012

G77 earn Fossil of the Day as they oppose language to foster civil society participation

16 Jun 2012

Canada Comes Out of Fossil Retirement to Take Home a Surprise Second Rio Fossil – Recognized for gutting the text in Rio and rolling back environmental regulations at home

15 Jun 2012

International Youth and NGOs award USA first “Rio Fossil of the Day” at Earth Summit Award given for backpedaling on 1992 commitments.

14 Jun 2012

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