CAN Positions

Safety and Equity Demands and Principles for COP26

3 Aug 2021

CAN International Position: Fossil Gas

17 May 2021

CAN International Position: Voluntary Carbon Markets

17 May 2021

CAN Position: Who Should Pay The Bill For COVID-19 Recovery Measures?

12 Apr 2021

Letter to IEA Director: Including a 1.5oC-aligned net-zero scenario in the World Energy Outlook 2021

9 Mar 2021

CAN Position: Energy Efficiency and Conservation

18 Feb 2021

Letter to UNFCCC Executive Secretary: Brazil’s Nationally Determined Contribution

28 Jan 2021

CAN Position: Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation

28 Jan 2021

CAN Position: High-level principles and recommendations for transformative pathways towards “real zero” emissions, September 2020

24 Sep 2020

CAN Statement on the UNGA: A confluence of crises that requires the strongest levels of multilateral cooperation and international solidarity

21 Sep 2020

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