CAN Positions

CAN Position: Los cimientos de Cancún, November 2010

2 Mar 2011

CAN Position: Possible improvements to emissions trading and the project based mechanisms, March 2009

16 Feb 2011

CAN Position: Les piliers de la négociation à Cancun: Résumé, November 2010

4 Oct 2010

CAN Position: International offsets in Annex I emissions reduction targets and climate financing commitments, November 2009

23 Feb 2010

CAN Position: Emissions from international aviation and shipping, November 2009

23 Feb 2010

CAN Position: Carry Over of the Kyoto Surplus of Assigned Amount Units (AAUs), November 2009

9 Nov 2009

CAN Position: Emissions from International Aviation and Shipping, November 2009

9 Nov 2009

CAN Position: LULUCF – Exposé of Serious Problems with Forest Management accounting options, November 2009

3 Nov 2009

CAN Position: Minimization of Adverse Effects of Response Measures, October 2009

16 Oct 2009

CAN Position: Technology Cooperation and Sharing, April 2009

16 Oct 2009

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