Webinar on updates from the Global Climate Strategy Sessions, February 2018


During the week of 26th of February 2018, CAN with a number of partners (Mission2020, Climate Works, 350.org, GCCA, GSCC, and others) convened the 2018 Global Climate Strategy Sessions in Bangkok.

More than 100 members and partners participated in the various sessions over the course of the five days. These meetings were key to share common priorities and develop detailed action plans and activities for 2018 and 2019-2020.

  • On day 1, we focused on the UNFCCC and the G20 Strategy.
  • On day 2, we presented the political strategy, timelines and priorities of the Step Up campaign for 2018, and then went into deep dives to discuss key country strategies and action plans for the political moments including the Commonwealth summit, Global Climate Action Summit, the IPCC 1.5°C report and the CVF+ summit.
  • On day 3, we looked into plans for 2019-2020 including the UN Secretary General’s summit in September 2019.
  • On day 4, we convened the RE100 Task Force to discuss the 100% Renewable campaign and also started planning the GCAS public mobilization.
  • On day 5, the Croissant Communicators’ group met to develop the communications strategy and plans for the year.

WEBINAR: You can listen to a recording of the webinar that was organised on 21 March to follow up on updates and key action points from the climate strategy meetings. Please click to listen. 

PRESENTATIONS:  You can view the slides from the presentations on each of the sessions.

For more information please contact, Francois Rogers, Head of Communications, CAN, at frogers@climatenetwork.org   

Download file: http://presentations_from_the_webinar_on_climate_strategy_meetings_feb_2018-1.pdf

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