Untapped Potential – Raising the Bar on G20 Ambition

In this summary report CAN sets out key findings from our analysis of the ambition gaps in the G20. Every member of the G20 has considerable potential for immediate accelerated ambition translated into emissions reductions across all sectors above and beyond their current pledges. 

We illustrate key areas for enhanced ambition across energy and ecosystems, calling on the G20 to make progress by COP27 demonstrating an appropriate response to the Glasgow Climate Pact decision and the findings of the IPCC 6th Assessment Report. In the energy sector this includes recognising the needs and opportunities in the phase-out of fossil fuels alongside the uptake of renewable energy; as well as actions needed to shift financial flows . With regards to ecosystems we highlight examples to enhance land and ocean sinks as well as mitigation potential in the agriculture sector: This includes investing in nature while addressing deforestation and nature conservation; and addressing short lived gasses in the agriculture sector.

In addition to accelerating systemic change in these important sectors, some of the G20 countries play a vital role in providing adequate means of implementation – finance, technology and capacity building. We also call on them to deliver on these key enabling conditions.

Full findings will be made available in supplementary country factsheets published ahead of COP27. All documents will be accessible through the CAN International website

The paper can be found here

Download file: http://2022August_UNTAPPED-POTENTIAL_-Raising-the-bar-on-G20-ambition.pdf

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