PoA Briefing Paper: Solar Energy

Solar energy, along with wind power, is one of the key renewable energy technology options for realising a decarbonised power sector and a sustainable energy supply. The solar energy sector can be broadly divided into three sub-sectors viz., solar photovoltaics (PV), concentrating solar thermal power (CSP), and solar thermal heat. Of these, solar PV installations which has grown almost 20 times in the last decade, holds out the most promise to decarbonise electricity generation and to fuel the necessary large scale renewable electrification of services that still run on fossil fuels like transport, heating as well as ensure energy access to the poor and underserved. Besides wind power, PV is suggested to also play a major part in producing renewable hydrogen via electrolysers. The rapid growth of renewable hydrogen for “hard-to-decarbonise” and “hard-to-electrify” sectors like energy-intensive industries (steel, chemicals, fertilisers, etc.) and transport sectors (shipping, heavy duty vehicles, etc.) will complement the move to a rapid phase out of fossil fuels and 100% renewable energy future. 

Download file: http://PoA-Briefing-Paper_Solar-Energy.pdf

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