Briefing: 12th Petersberg Climate Dialogue

 Download Briefing as PDF here.

2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record. The climate crisis is worsening even as the pandemic continues. While COVID-19 slowed down climate diplomacy in 2020, the Petersberg Climate Summit is well-timed and positioned to set the right direction towards COP26 and unlock procedural orientation and political guidance across UNFCCC crunch issues. The basis for an in-person COP is to ensure rapid and equitable distribution of vaccines globally instead of the current vaccine nationalism.

With regard to the virtual SB session in June, CAN welcomes the emphasis on inclusivity and transparency in the latest UNFCCC Bureau decision to “enhance openness, transparency and inclusiveness, effective participation and engagement of observers will be enabled in the same manner as during in-person meetings.” Any procedural discussions at the Petersberg Summit must build on this basis to ensure trust in the process going forward.

This briefing lays out expectations and demands towards ministers for the 12th Petersberg Climate Dialogue.

Download file: http://CAN-Briefing-for-12th-Petersberg-Climate-Dialogue_April-2021-7.pdf

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