More than 400 NGOs sign open letter demanding governments to put Loss & Damage on the COP27 Agenda

Letter to the Heads of Delegation: Agree on the Loss and Damage Finance Agenda Item for the COP27 Climate Conference

Background: Finance to address Loss and Damage  has been put on the provisional agenda for the COP27 Climate Conference. Some developed country parties are reluctant to support this agenda item. To  ensure successful outcomes in Sharm el-Sheikh, the incoming COP 27 Presidency is convening an informal Heads of Delegation meeting from 10-11 September 2022 in Cairo, Egypt focusing on Loss and Damage. 

We as, Climate Action Network and allies, demand that the agreement on the agenda item on finance to address Loss and Damage must be reached at the Heads of Delegation meeting.

The letter can be downloaded here

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

To the Attention of Heads of Delegations negotiating on behalf of their governments and constituted groups,

The most recent IPCC 6th Assessment Reports is unequivocal that human-induced atmospheric greenhouse gases are the cause of the climate crisis. This is a crisis primarily driven by decades of emissions from rich industrialized nations. The continued reliance and expansion of all fossil fuels, including oil, gas and coal, and unsustainable land use and industrial agriculture production is  worsening climate chaos at an accelerated pace all over the world, with the most vulnerable countries and communities most impacted. More than 3 billion people are already living in contexts highly vulnerable to climate impacts who are suffering with multiple intersecting crises compounded by climate change. 

We are in the era of Loss and Damage. In the last few months we have seen heatwaves, droughts and flooding sweep through the continents of Africa and Europe and countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and the US. A devastating crisis unfolds before our eyes in the Horn of Africa where some communities are facing famine-like conditions due to persistent drought. This is not a crisis of the future, nor one confined to national boundaries. This calls for a step up in global leadership, multilateralism, cooperation and solidarity at all levels. 

You have an opportunity to ensure that the ‘damning indictment of failed global leadership’, as the UN Secretary-General put it, and the lack of moral authority and political will which has let down the most vulnerable, changes course through your collective decision to stand strongly behind the principles of climate justice, solidarity, and cooperation. As a first step you can ensure that the sub-agenda item “Matters relating to funding arrangements for addressing loss and damage”  under  “Matters relating to finance” remains on the agenda.  

We would like to underline the following points:

  • There is no finance under the UNFCCC to address Loss and Damage. Such finance for activities such as relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and unavoidable relocation, is currently missing from the financial architecture of the UNFCCC. Finance needs to be provided in the form of grants and be additional to Official Development Assistance, emergency humanitarian aid, finance for mitigation (averting Loss and Damage) and adaptation (minimizing Loss and Damage). It must not only be based on insurance, which is clearly insufficient and not fit for purpose given the current and future risks. Nor can such finance be in the form of loans, which creates unsustainable debt burdens for countries whose economies have often been devastated. 
  • Major negotiating blocs representing the majority of the world have made it clear at the 2021 Climate Conference (COP26) and at the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies meeting (SB56) in June 2022 that the Glasgow Dialogue which was agreed at COP26 to explore ways to fund Loss and Damage must lead to G77 and China’s common position of establishing a Loss and Damage Facility under the financial mechanism of the UNFCCC at COP27. This was repeated at the first Glasgow Dialogue at SB56 in June 2022 by many developing country parties.
  • At the July 2022 Head of Delegation Meeting on Loss and Damage, many Parties made it clear that a successful outcome of COP27 would mean a concrete outcome on the Glasgow Dialogue leading to a funding facility under the COP and the CMA to address loss and damage, and an agreement for it to become a standing COP and CMA agenda item. Civil Society have put forward a proposal on how this can be achieved which can be seen here:

The forthcoming Heads of Delegation meeting on Loss and Damage in Cairo this September, is a crucial moment for the governments to cooperate and act in solidarity to the escalating climate emergency. They must take the necessary first step to agree that finance to address Loss and Damage is on the agenda to ensure a meaningful outcome at COP27 to respond to the intensifying suffering of people facing climate and connected crises.

Yours Sincerely,

International Organisations

  2. ActionAid International
  3. Amnesty International
  4. Care About Climate
  5. CARE International
  6. CBM Global Disability Inclusion
  7. Center for Economic and Social Rights
  8. Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
  9. Christian Aid
  10. CIDSE
  11. Climate Action Network International
  12. Climate Scorecard
  13. Corporate Accountability
  14. E3G Third Generation Environmentalism
  15. Fast For the Climate
  16. Fight Inequality Alliance (FIA)
  17. GAIA – Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
  18. Global Citizen
  19. Global Justice Now
  20. Global Pact Coalition
  21. Global Witness
  22. GreenFaith
  23. Greenpeace
  24. Health Care Without Harm
  25. IM Swedish Development Partner
  26. International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD)
  27. International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change (IIPFCC)
  28. International Transport Workers’ Federation
  29. Islamic Relief Worldwide
  30. Margaret Pyke Trust
  32. Mt Zion Church Ministries International
  33. NETZ Partnership for Development and Justice
  34. Oxfam
  35. Parents For Future Global
  36. Plan International
  37. Re-Earth Initiative
  38. Save the Children International
  39. Tearfund
  40. The Loss and Damage Collaboration (L&DC)
  41. The United Methodist Church – General Board of Church and Society
  42. Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)
  43. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)
  44. Women’s Major Group
  45. WWF International

National Organisations and Regional Networks 

  1. 350 Triangle
  2. Japan
  3. 3BL Associates
  4. Abibinsroma Foundation
  5. Action for the Climate Emergency (ACE)
  6. ActionAid Australia
  7. ActionAid Sweden
  8. ActionAid UK
  9. ActionAid USA
  10. ActionAid Vanuatu
  11. Adarsha samajik Progoti sangstha
  12. Africa Coalition for Sustainable Energy and Access
  13. African Climate Reality Project
  14. African Coalition on Green Growth
  15. African Women’s Development and Communications Network (FEMNET)
  16. Afrolinks International Frontiers
  17. Agency of Consultancy for Training (ACT)
  18. AIDA
  19. ALDTU
  20. Alliance for Arab Women
  21. Alliance for Future Generations
  22. Amal organization for relief and development
  23. AOSED
  24. Apremavi
  25. Arab Youth Climate Movement- Lebanon
  26. ARRCC (Australian Religious Response to Climate Change)
  27. Arts Lounge Literary Magazine
  28. Asociación Canarias Archipiélago Sostenible
  29. Asociacion Ciudadana por los derechos humanos
  30. Asociación La Ruta del Clima
  31. Association Camerounaise pour le Développement, l’Entraide Sociale et la Protection de l’Environnement (ACDESPE)
  32. Association des Femmes Peules Autochtones du Tchad (AFPAT)
  33. Association des Scientifiques pour un Développement Intégré (ASEDI)
  34. Association for sustainable development in Tunisia
  35. Association Haitienne de Solidarité (ASHAS)
  36. Association homme et environnement
  37. Association Solidarité et Actions pour le Développement Durable (ASADD)
  38. Awdal Youth volunteers
  39. Barranquilla+20
  40. BIMBA
  41. Bolivian platform against climate change
  42. Brighton University
  43. BUND Brandenburg
  44. Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action
  45. CADIRE Cameroon Association
  46. CAHPO
  47. California Interfaith Power & Light
  48. Campaign against Climate Change
  49. Campaign of Campaigns
  50. CarbonCare InnoLab
  51. Caritas Uganda
  52. CBM UK & BasicNeeds
  53. Center for Participatory Research and Development (CPRD)
  54. Centre for 21st century Issues
  55. Centro de Desarrollo Humano (CDH)
  56. Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental A.C
  57. Changemaker Norway
  58. Citizens Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth (CASA) 
  59. Citizens’ Climate Lobby Colombia
  60. Clean Energy Action
  61. Clean Energy Nepal (CEN)
  62. Climalab
  63. Climate Action Advocacy Centre (CAAC)
  64. Climate Action for Lifelong Learners
  65. Climate Action Monaro Inc
  66. Climate Action Moreland
  67. Climate Action Network Africa
  68. Climate Action Network Arab World
  69. Climate Action Network Australia
  70. Climate Action Network Canada
  71. Climate Action Network Eastern Africa (CANEA)
  72. Climate Action Network EECCA
  73. Climate Action Network Europe
  74. Climate Action Network France
  75. Climate Action Network Japan
  76. Climate Action Network Latin America
  77. Climate Action Network South Africa
  78. Climate Action Network South Asia
  79. Climate Action Network Southeast Asia
  80. Climate Action Network Tanzania
  81. Climate Action Network Uganda
  82. Climate Action Network UK (CAN-UK)
  83. Climate Action Network West Africa
  84. Climate Action Network Zimbabwe
  85. Climate Analytics Caribbean
  86. Climate change Action East Africa
  87. Climate Change and Environmental Rights Awareness (CCERA)
  88. Climate Connect Initiative formerly known as Climate Change Network Nigeria
  89. Climate Observatory
  90. Climate Refugees
  91. Climate Resilience Centre Worthing (CREW)
  92. CNCD-11.11.11
  93. Coastal Development Partnership
  94. Colectivo de Mujeres Trasnacionales
  95. Colorado Dems – Energy & Environment Initiative
  96. Communist Action for Healing Poverty Organization
  97. Community Initiatives for Development in Pakistan-CIDP
  98. Conservation Council of SA
  99. Country Director, WaterAid Bangladesh
  100. Countryside Environmental Conservation, Uganda
  101. CREST- Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
  102. CREW Worthing
  103. Curating Tomorrow
  104. CWU NW Health & Safety Forum
  105. Daystar University
  106. Debt for Climate South Africa
  107. Delaware Interfaith Power and Light
  108. Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V
  109. Diakonia
  110. Disabled People’s Association of Solo mon Islands
  111. DIVA for Equality, Fiji
  112. Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality
  113. Djibouti nature organisation
  114. Dunia salama foundation
  115. Eastern Cape Environmental Network
  116. Eco Dharma Network
  117. Eco-Congregation Scotland
  118. Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI)
  119. Eco-Lusion Community Based Organization
  120. EcoEquity
  121. EcoHimal Nepal
  122. Ecojustice Ireland Community Interest Company
  123. Ecologistas en Acción
  124. Ecologistas en Acción Región Murciana
  125. Edikanman foundation
  126. Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education
  127. Edraak foundation for development and equality
  128. Education as a Vaccine
  129. EKOenergy ecolabel
  130. Eminence Associates for Social Development
  131. Emmaus International
  132. Empower Our Future
  133. Engajamundo
  134. Engajamundo
  135. Environmental Defence Canada
  136. Environmental Management Trust
  137. Environmental Protection Society Malaysia (EPSM)
  138. Equidad de Género: Ciudadanía, Trabajo y Familia
  139. Eurodad
  140. Extinction Rebellion Worthing
  141. Extinction Rebellion York
  142. femLINKpacific
  143. Fiji Disabled Peoples Federation
  144. Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM)
  145. Fiji Youth SRHR Alliance
  146. Finnish Development NGOs – Fingo
  147. FNV
  149. Focus Association for Sustainable Development
  150. FoE-Ghana
  151. Fondation Lolo Jeanne Ilunga Zaina (FOLOJIZA)
  152. Forum for Environment and climate change
  153. Fridays for Future Brazil
  154. Fridays For Future Indonesia
  155. Fridays For Future Lebanon
  156. Fridays for future Sierra Leone
  157. Fridays For Future Windhoek
  158. Friends of the Earth U.S
  159. Fundación de Iniciativas de Cambio Climático
  160. Fundación Plurales
  161. Future Generations Afghanistan
  162. Gallifrey Foundation
  163. Gana Unnayan Kendra (GUK)
  164. GDMR – Grupo para o Desenvolvimento da Mulher e Rapariga
  165. Gender CC SA
  166. Generation Equalities Pakistan
  167. Georgia Interfaith Power and Light
  168. Germanwatch
  169. Global Initiative For Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation- GIFSEP
  170. Global Justice Portsmouth
  171. Global Justice Reading
  172. Global Network for Disaster Reduction
  173. Gosport Fairtrade Action
  174. Gran Chaco Foundation
  175. Greater Victoria Climate Hub
  176. Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and all Africa
  177. Green Generation Foundation
  179. Greenovation Hub
  180. Greenpeace Belgium
  181. Greenpeace Germany
  182. Greenpeace Middle East & North Africa
  183. GRET
  184. Hape Development and welfare Association
  185. Haske Energy LTD
  186. Haus of Khameleon
  187. Heinrich Böll Stiftung Washington, DC
  188. House of Colours
  189. Human Environmental Association for Development
  190. Iceland Nature Conservation Association
  191. IM Swedish Development Partner
  192. Improve Your Society Organization (IYSO)
  193. IMUMI
  194. Indian National Trade Union Congress -INTUC
  195. Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change
  196. Indo Global Social Service Society, New Delhi
  197. Integrated Regional Support Program
  198. Integrated Social Development Effort(ISDE) Bangladesh
  199. International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA)
  200. Iowa Interfaith Power & Light
  201. IRADO
  202. ITUC – International Trade Union Confederation
  203. Joint Effort to Save the Environment (JESE)
  204. Jordan Health Aid society international
  205. Just Transition Wakefield
  206. Justice Is Global
  207. JVE Côte d’Ivoire
  208. JVE Niger
  209. Kenya Environmental Action Network
  210. Kikandwa Environmental Association
  211. Kiko Network
  212. Klimadelegation e.V
  213. Labor Spring Organization
  214. Landcode Initiative
  215. Laxmi
  216. Legambiente
  217. Lekeh Development Foundation
  218. Let’s Green The Future Trust
  219. Light House
  220. Living Laudato Si’ Philippines
  221. London Mining Network
  222. Luciana Rodrigues Consultoria Ambiental e Prestação de serviços Lda
  223. Luunga Visionary Trust
  224. Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD) for Climate Change
  225. Malvern Green Space
  226. Michigan Interfaith Power & Light
  227. Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light
  228. Mondiaal FNV
  229. Mouvement de Jeunes Pour la Protection de l’environnement MJPE-RDC
  230. Movimiento Ciudadano frete al Cambio Climatico
  232. NaCEM Sierra Leone
  233. NAGKAISA Inc
  234. NAJU (Youth Association for the Protection of Nature)
  235. National Youth Network on Climate Change (NYNCC)
  236. NC Council of Churches
  237. NC Interfaith Power & Light
  238. Nepal Water Conservation Foundation (NWCF)
  239. New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light
  240. NNAWA-Nawae Nai Afghan Women Association
  241. NZ Climate Action Network
  242. ObbyPress Foundation
  244. ONG CEUS Chile
  245. Organic Growers of Fairlie
  246. Oxfam South Africa
  247. Pacific Human Rights Initiative
  248. Pacific Islands Climate Action Network
  249. Pacific Islands Council of Qld
  250. Pacific Islands Students Fighting Climate Change
  251. Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network
  252. PacificwinPacific
  253. Palestine Wildlife Society
  254. Papua New Guinea Women’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry 299
  255. Parents for future Berlin
  256. Parents For Future Dresden
  257. Parents For Future Germany
  258. Parents For Future Hannover
  259. Parents For Future Nordfriesland
  260. Parents For Future Oldenburg
  261. Participatory Research & Action Network- PRAAN
  262. Pasifika Foundation for Development
  263. PASUMAI THAAYAGAM Foundation
  264. Peace Boat
  265. People for Future OG Kiel
  266. Peoples Climate Assembly
  267. Peoples Federation for National Peace and Development (PEFENAP)
  268. PIANGO
  269. Pivot Point
  270. Plataforma Boliviana frente al Cambio Climático
  271. Plataforma CIPÓ
  272. Prakriti Resources Centre
  273. Rainbow Pride Foundation
  274. Reacción Climática
  275. Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ)
  276. Red de Juventudes y Cambio Climático de Costa Rica
  277. REDD ONG
  278. Réseau de Communication et de Développement des Femmes du Sénégal Activistes Africains pour la Justice Climatique RECODEF Sénégal AACJ
  279. Resilient Future International
  280. Resource Link Foundation
  281. Rhode Island Interfaith Power & Light
  282. RSS
  283. SAJIDA Foundation
  284. Sanid Organization for Nature Conservation (SONC)
  285. Savanna Trust
  286. Scientists Warning Europe
  287. SDS (Shariatpur Development Society)
  288. SEARICE
  289. Secours Islamique France
  290. Section Wilpf Guinée
  291. Section27
  292. SEEDS
  293. Sextas-Feiras Para o Futuro Angola
  294. SHE Changes Climate
  295. Shepparton Interfaith Network
  296. Shifting the Power Coalition / Pacific Island Feminist Alliance for Climate Justice
  297. Sierra Club
  299. Social Economic Development Society (SEDS)
  300. Social Good Summit
  301. Sociedad Amigos del Viento
  302. Solomon Islands Climate Action Network
  303. Songshoptaque
  304. South American Network for Environmental Migrations
  305. South Asian Forum for Environment
  306. Southern Africa Climate Change Coalition
  307. Stamp Out Poverty
  308. StEP Sustainable Exercise Partnership
  309. Sukaar Welfare Organization
  310. Sustain267
  311. Sustainable Agriculture Livelihoods and Technology (SALT)
  312. Sustenta Honduras
  313. SustyVibes
  314. Swaziland Rural Women Assembly
  315. Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC)
  316. Swedwatch
  317. Talanoa Institute
  318. Taproot Earth
  320. Te Tiare Association
  321. Temple of Understanding
  322. Texas Impact
  323. TFINS
  324. The 2nd Life Coaching
  325. The Blue Marble Project
  326. The Climate Reality Project
  327. the Climate Reality Project Japan
  328. The Safe Center
  329. The Vegan Society
  330. Third World Network
  331. Tidy Stourbridge
  332. Transforma
  333. Trócaire
  334. TuCAN
  335. Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development
  336. Union of Concerned Scientists
  337. UNISC International
  338. Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)
  339. United Front ( Johannesburg Region)
  340. Université de Manouba
  341. USCAN (US Climate Action Network)
  342. Vanuatu Climate Action Network
  343. VIVAT International
  344. Voice of South Bangladesh
  345. Vote Earth Now
  346. Warrior Moms
  347. WaterAid Bangladesh
  348. We, The World Botswana Chapter
  349. WECF International
  350. WIDE Austria – Network for Women´s Rights and Feminist Perspectives in Development
  351. WILPF Canada
  352. WILPF Finland
  353. WILPF Ghana
  354. WILPF Lebanon
  355. Women and Children Crisis Centre (WCCC)
  356. Women Development Program
  357. Women Educators Association of Nigeria
  358. Women in Fisheries Network – Fiji
  359. Women in Migration Network
  360. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  361. Women’s Voice
  362. Woodwell Climate Research Center – Permafrost Pathways 407
  363. World friends for Africa Burkina Faso
  364. Worthing Climate Action Network
  365. Yorkshire and Humber Climate Justice Coalition
  366. Young Professionals in Policy and Development (YouPaD)
  367. Young Volunteers for the Environment Zimbabwe
  368. Youngsolwara Pacific
  369. Youth Alliance Sierra Leone
  370. Youth and Women Empowerment Foundation – West Nile 
  371. Youth Volunteer for Environment of Niger
  372. YouthNet for Climate Justice
  373. ZERO – Associação Sistema Terrestre Sustentável
  374. Zimbabwe Climate Change Coalition
  375. Zivai Community Empowerment Trust( ZICET)
  376. شبكة بيئة ابوظبي

Download file: http://20220609_Letter_HoD_LDAgenda.pdf

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