CAN Submission: Glasgow-Sharm el-Sheikh (GlaSS) Work Programme on the Global Goal on Adaptation – views on how to achieve the objectives under the work programme

Climate Action Network (CAN) welcomes the opportunity to provide its recommendations for the Glasgow-Sharm el-Sheikh (GlaSS) Work Programme on the Global Goal on Adaptation (GGA). Civil society plays an integral role in identifying the challenges posed by the climate crisis and in providing solutions. Through its global network of members, CAN is in touch with the priorities and messages of local communities and the governments it supports.

This submission focuses on a number of key themes for the GlaSS work programme to have a real impact on those facing the challenges of adapting to climate change. The submission focuses on how the GlaSS can enhance adaptation actions through:

  • Driving discussions, coordination, processes and actions on adaptation at a regional and national levels.
  • Supporting the inclusion of sub-national and locally derived goals and locally-led plans.
  • Improving coherence and understanding of adaptation under the UNFCCC.
  • Enabling the scaling up of finance for adaptation.

Over the next two years, the GlaSS process needs to ensure that adaptation is high on the political agenda in UNFCCC, with agenda items at COP27 and COP28 and at the Subsidiary Body (SB) meetings. It must be a transparent and inclusive process, ensuring the full participation of observer constituencies.

Download file: http://CAN-Submission_Glasgow-Sharm-el-Sheikh-work-programme-on-the-global-goal-on-adaptation_April-2022-2.pdf

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