CAN Submission: Elements to be included in Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA), April 2018

At COP23, Decision –CP/23 invited parties and observers to submit their views on elements to be included in the joint SBSTA-SBI work that is now known as the “Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture” (KJWA). Topics for consideration included but were not limited to: a) Modalities for implementation of the outcomes of the five in-session workshops; b) Methods and approaches for assessing adaptation, adaptation co-benefits and resilience; c) Improved soil carbon, soil health and soil fertility under grassland and cropland as well as integrated systems, including water management; d) Improved nutrient use and manure management towards sustainable and resilient agricultural systems; e) Improved livestock management systems; f) Socioeconomic and food security dimensions of climate change in the agricultural sector.

CAN’s submission addresses these questions through the following structure: Part One responds to question a) under the heading “Modalities and Procedures” with the purpose of shaping the KJWA mode of working to be effective, rigorous and relevant; Part Two responds to questions b) to f) under the heading “Technical Content” with the purpose of sharing CAN members’ knowledge and expertise on technical issues related to agriculture and climate change.

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