CAN Intervention: SBSTA Opening Plenary, Bonn SB44/APA1, 16th May 2016

~~Dear Co-Chairs,

My name is Eddy Pérez, speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network.

Key to the Paris agreement are various provisions that allude to potential review and revision of ambition over the course of time.  Given that the current set of INDCs are completely inadequate and would set the world, in the best case, on a 3-4ºC temperature pathway, CAN strongly encourages countries to increase their INDCs before inscribing them under the new agreement.

The 2018 facilitated dialogue will be one key opportunity for governments to review, revise, and resubmit their NDCs in line with credible science and equity considerations. Countries must consider the IPCC Special Report on impacts and potential pathways of 1.5ºC as they prepare for this dialogue.

The guidelines to be developed for the 2023 global stocktake need to be robust and must ensure the active participation of civil society. It must be comprehensive, and should actively encourage countries to revise their NDCs. The guidelines for the global stocktake should be anchored around science and equity. This can be facilitated through improving the information requirements for INDCs.

Thank you

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