CAN Intervention: Pre-2020 Stocktake, December 2019

In the pre-2020 period, you have had the chance to get the world on track to avoid catastrophic climate change and prevent loss and damage to people, particularly in vulnerable countries.

With all respect, when it comes to domestic climate action, in particular from large emitters, your leaders have fundamentally failed to show the political will and courage matching the crisis we face. 

We urge all countries, especially big emitters, to respond to the fundamental lack of ambition and we will hold your leaders accountable. We will stand up to those who want to continue profiting from climate-destroying practices, and stand up for those vulnerable people facing devastating losses and damages.  

We furthermore urge developed countries to make all efforts to meet the climate finance goal of US $100 billion per year in a way that is fair and transparent, including by significantly increasing the share of adaptation finance, as well as new and additional public finance, and agreeing new and robust accounting standards.

Next week’s Stocktake should recognize the climate action shortfall in the pre-2020 period particularly by developed countries and call on developed countries to do all they can to meet and exceed their 2020 commitments in the short time left.

The lack of ambition in pre-2020 from developed countries is not going to go away and must be compensated post-2020- by those same countries.


Download file: http://can_intervention_pre_2020_stocktake_december_2019-1.pdf

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