CAN Intervention: Open-ended Consultation by the Incoming COP27/CMP17/CMA4 Presidency, SB56

Thank you,

My name is Tasneem Essop and I am speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network. COP27 is the African COP, one of the most vulnerable regions in the world, and therefore it has to be the COP that addresses Climate Justice and Equity for vulnerable peoples and communities in Africa and across the world. We also want to be clear that there can be no Climate Justice without Social Justice and Human Rights.

We are living through times of multiple, and devastating crises compounded by the climate crisis: the pandemic, rising poverty and inequality, joblessness, the debt crisis, mass displacement, the food and energy crisis exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, other conflicts across the world – all contribute to unspeakable injustices. We cannot close our eyes to the massive human suffering throughout the world. We cannot close our eyes to the losses and damages already being experienced by peoples who are least responsible for the climate crisis. This is the sharp edge of climate injustice. How can we ignore this suffering when we know for example in the Horn of Africa, the most severe drought in living memory is unfolding and where twenty million people are on the brink of starvation. When we know that Africa also has the lowest electricity access in the world with 640 million Africans having no access to energy at all! 

 We remain hopeful that COP27 will deliver for the people. 

This will be the COP where finance to address Loss & Damage must be realized, where the adaptation needs of vulnerable countries and peoples must  be addressed, Where Climate finance obligations must be fulfilled, where commitments to enhance actions to reduce emissions keeps 1.5 degrees in sight, and Where scaled up support to enable a just energy transition is secured allowing for a faster equitable and fairer phase out of fossil fuels.

This African COP should also ensure access and inclusivity, especially for local, regional and international civil society, grassroots and indigenous communities. 

The incoming COP Presidency has to facilitate these concrete outcomes at COP27. This should be your legacy. 

We will stand with our African Civil Society brothers and sisters for a better tomorrow. We will continue to raise our voices against any forms of climate and social injustice. . Our patience is running out. Yours should too. There is no time to lose. We will hold governments accountable if they do not act with urgency to address the climate crisis and the suffering of the people.   

People power, climate justice

Download file: http://20221406_Intervention-Tasneem.pdf

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