CAN Intervention in the COP18 SBI Informal Consultations: Article 6, 27 November, 2012



SBI Intervention in the Informal Consultations: Article 6

27 November, 2012


Thank you chair for giving me the floor.

Good morning,

My name is Farrukh Zaman and I will speak on behalf of CAN international.

The six themes included in the scope of the article 6 work program are crucial to the implementation of the convention and to successful and effective climate policies at the national level.

We see the adoption of a new work program as a key opportunity to build on the amended work program and to strengthen each of its 6 thematic pillars.

Considering that the new work program will last for the upcoming 8 years, it is very important to us to ensure that the work programme propose a strengthened approach to each of the thematic issues covered by the work program.

Considering the diversity of issues represented, we believe that structuring the work program in two parallel streams would help improve the focus and qualitative outputs of any activity taking place within the frame of this work program, as well as make the most of the participation of experts and stakeholders to the work program.

We would thus suggest to create a work stream on

education, public awareness and training on the one hand

and on public participation and access to information other hand.

Finally, we see an important opportunity for the work program to support parties in the implementation of the convention. The work program could thus provide an opportunity to exchange best practices and provide guidance to parties on how they include stakeholders in the preparation of national negotiating positions and of national communications.

We would look forward to engage with parties delegates during the coming days.

Thank you





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