CAN Intervention in the COP18 COP/CMP Closing Plenary, 8 December, 2012


Closing COP/CMP Intervention by CAN

Delivered by Simon Tapp from New Zealand


Thank you Chair,

Honorable Ministers, Distinguished Delegates,

My name is Simon Tapp from the Climate Action Network.

We would like to express our sympathy for those vulnerable countries affected most by climate change, including those currently experiencing the effects and aftermath of Typhoon Bopha.

We have had enough.

In Doha, we have seen no mitigation ambition nor money on the table to help the poorest countries deal with climate change. We have seen no detailed workplan on equity.

We will not achieve what is desperately needed unless Parties find political will. In particular, countries including the US and friends, along with Poland and Russia, who continually block the process, need to start leading to end this global crisis.

Your behavior and attitude must change if we are to secure a fair, ambitious and binding deal by 2015. Hard work by governments for the people not the polluters is urgently needed.

Thank you.

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