CAN Intervention – Bonn June Closing LCA Plenary – June17, 2011

My name is Manjeet Dhakal and I am from Nepal.
Climate change is already melting glaciers and putting my community at risk.  
The following urgent action is needed to close the ambition gap and keep
warming at a level that my country can adapt to – no more than 1.5 degrees.  
Firstly developed countries must move to the top end of their pledged ranges.   
Secondly, at your next meeting, identify a pathway for developed countries to
increase ambition to more than 40% by 2020 and make this target a
milestone in low carbon development strategies. Show us how you will
decarbonise your economies!
Developing countries can also contribute to global ambition, by more clearly
identifying assumptions, and beginning a process to agree guidelines for
business as usual baselines.  Developing countries should then articulate
how much their mitigation effort could increase with financial and
technological support. Clearly, further technical work is necessary on the
NAMA registry before Durban, to understand how developing country
mitigation effort will be recorded and supported.
If negotiations continue on their current path there is a danger we will create a
Green Climate Fund without any funds!  The current commitments for climate
finance in 2013 are zero.  Parties should provide submissions, and hold
workshops before Durban, on mid and long term sources of funding –
including supplementary innovative sources, such as bunker levies, financial
transaction taxes and special drawing rights.  Including a discussion on
CBDR, no net incidence and compensation.  We do not want to fall off the cliff
of fast start finance, only to see the mountain of long term finance in front of

Download file: http://Bonn_2011_LCA_closing_plenary.pdf

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