CAN Briefing on IPCC-IPBES Working Group report

July 2021

Prepared for information purposes by the CAN Ecosystems Working Group and Melanie Coath

In June 2021, for the first time ever IPCC and IPBES scientists produced a joint report on “Tackling Biodiversity & Climate Crises Together and Their Combined Social Impacts”

It is important to note that the workshop report has not been subjected to usual governmental IPBES or IPCC review procedures, and that IPBES and IPCC co-sponsorship of the workshop does not imply the full scientific IPBES or IPCC endorsement or approval of the workshop or its conclusions.

However, CAN strongly welcomes that the report has been developed by leading global scientists associated with both IPBES and IPCC and is speaking refreshingly clear language – a straight forward presentation of the evidence without the political influence of governmental inputs or changes by those who might have had a different agenda.   

CAN believes that the dual crisis of climate and biodiversity needs to be tackled together by all governments and stakeholders. It also needs to include the crisis of poverty and social justice in all countries as well as overall consumption and lifestyle behaviour by the global rich and middle classes. To see CAN’s more detailed views on this subject please read our 2021 briefing on The Role of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Climate Change Mitigation Ambition and Adaptation & Resilience.

CAN supports the proposal by several countries to protect up to 50% of all land and oceans in a sustainable, participatory and democratic manner by 2030 to allow for recovery of biodiversity and natural carbon sequestration potentials. CAN urges in addition that all remaining land and oceans must be restored and managed in a sustainable, precautionary, ecological way for all species, peoples and the natural ecosystems.

Know more about CAN’s work on the IPCC AR6 here.

Download file: http://CAN-Briefing-on-IPCC-IPBES-Working-Group-report-1.pdf

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