CAN Briefing: Expectations for the 18th Informal Meeting on Further Actions Against Climate Change, February 2020

2020 is a decisive year – it marks the start of a decade of climate ambition and it starts now. We need to focus on the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the closing of the emissions gap. This is what your citizens are asking you to do and assess you against at the end of this year. The 18th Informal Meeting on Further Actions Against Climate Change is a first moment to respond to that unprecedented urgency. and must be used as a moment to send strong and credible signals that countries are committed to delivering enhanced, transformative, just and fair NDCs.

Climate Action Network prepared this briefing outlining expectations for 2020 with the intention of supporting parties at this Meeting and expects countries to discuss and send clear signals for how they will increase their national climate targets by COP26; implement a robust climate agenda in line with the long term goals of the Paris Agreement; and develop a resilience framework responding to the needs of the most vulnerable countries.


Download file: http://can_briefing_for_the_18th_informal_meeting_on_further_actions_against_climate_change_february_2020-2.pdf

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