CAN Briefing: Comments on the Post-2015 Zero Draft, June 2015

~Climate Action Network values the efforts by the Co-Chairs to put forward a zero draft text to move the discussions on the post-2015 agenda forward. We believe the proposal’s structure can facilitate further discussions on some of the key principles and elements to strengthen the declaration in order to guarantee the desired implementation and outcome of the goals and targets. However, the preamble and declaration in the zero draft fall short of adequately addressing the important issue of climate change and sustainable energy access. We note with great concern that the framing and inclusion of these issues have been weakened from the chapeau of the OWG report  and the Secretary General’s Synthesis Report .

Climate change impacts are unfolding rapidly, thereby undermining the livelihoods of the poor and vulnerable. The declaration must drive inspiration and help communicate what the new development agenda is about. It must ensure that climate change is treated as a development issue because it threatens poverty eradication and puts at risk the achievement of the sustainable development goals and targets. It must be clear about the causes of climate change and that it impacts the poorest and most vulnerable the hardest. But it must also recognize that solutions such as sustainable energy systems are emerging rapidly, which can inspire all members of society to act against climate change and end poverty in the next 15 years.

Climate Action Network would like to offer our immediate comments in order to further strengthen some of the key elements of the declaration to effectively reflect the severe threat emerging from climate change, and the opportunities of decisive action to achieve real sustainable development.

Download file: http://can_reaction_post-2015_zerodraft.pdf

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