Taking the Lead?
It is increasingly clear that the only way to avoid a climatic catastrophe is to move quickly to negotiate an ambitious global agreement that can bring the rise in global emissions to a halt and start reducing them sometime in the next decade. This will be impossible without substantial advances in the commitments by industrialised countries and other contributions of many developing countries to this effort.
  Do the Real Victims Have a Say?
From the Inuit in the Arctic to the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific, and from the Kuna in Panama to the Somali in North East Kenya, Indigenous Peoples all over the world are already dramatically impacted by climate change. In addition, Indigenous Peoples are amongst the economically most marginalised in the world. Moreover, most Indigenous Peoples are very dependent upon their natural environment, thus the contraction of forests, coastlines and polar ecosystems destroy the very basis of their livelihoods.
  Nuclear Renaissance?
Coming…coming…well not really. A side event hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency can always be anticipated at every climate COP negotiations. This year was no different and neither were the two gentlemen telling their same tired old story about the wonders of nuclear power.
  Climate Change Cartoon Competition!
With the huge increase in media coverage of the climate issue over the past year, “climate” is suddenly a hot topic for cartoonists, especially political cartoonists. Over the next 10 days, ECO solicits entries from delegates, observers, and all ECO readers worldwide. We will print a selection of the best entries throughout the rest of the COP, and at the end of next week, a (sort of) impartial panel of judges consisting of ENGOs, BINGOs and RINGOs will choose our lucky winner!

Download file: http://ECOCOP12En03.pdf

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