Sandhya Lakshmi Chellapilla

Senior Manager: Resource Mobilisation

About Sandhya

Sandhya has worked with a national child rights organisation in India followed by ActionAid India and ActionAid international before joining CAN. Sandhya is experienced in fundraising from bilaterals/multilaterals, trusts and foundations which has been her core role in all the organisations she has worked with. In addition, she has also led on programme development and implementation, contract management and capacity building of partners. She has worked on a broad range of themes such as child rights, forced labour, informal workers’ rights, agroecology, climate change, social justice, and humanitarian programmes. 

Sandhya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and Masters in Business Administration.

Her work has provided an understanding of how climate change impacts smallholders, and those dependent on land for their livelihoods, and why inclusion and social justice are at the heart of the solution. Sandhya is excited to bring this experience to the CAN network to raise funds for advocacy and campaigning for climate justice.

She is based in New Delhi, India.  

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