Omar Danso

Big Shift - Gas Campaigner

Omar Danso’s educational background has been in development studies and Finance with the aim of building a just society built on the concept of accountability and transparency. He has spent many years in voluntary work for many youth groups in the early years of his career. He is a campaigner and advocate with good experience in developing strategic campaigns for over a decade. This desire for change has led Omar to be the campaign coordinator of Activista The Gambia which is an advocacy network created by ActionAid International to promote and protect the rights of the marginalized. During this period, Danso’s perspective and determination became clearer toward climate justice and environmental protection. In 2015, Danso initiated and led the Hunger-Free Campaign that focused on increased budgetary allocation for smallholder farmers in the Gambia to adopt sustainable agricultural practices. The campaign contributed to a national budgetary increment from 3% to 7% compared to the previous year’s budget. Danso led the Anti Land Grabbing and Women's Land Rights Campaign from 2014 - 2018. The key outcome of the campaign was ‘The women's conclusion in the district tribunals’ which adjudicate land cases at the district level and adopts climate smart initiatives. In addition, the campaign brought women across 45 African countries to submit the 'Kilimanjaro Declaration' after 25 women climbed the Mountain to speak to the world leader (AU) to act now. This campaign led to the creation of the Rural Women Assembly which is an advocacy body to lead the gender dimension of climate change. Danso became the National Coordinator of Activista The Gambia and has since then amplified Activista’s climate change advocacy strategies at the local, national, and regional levels. He has made Activists a relevant campaign body within the continent. He led the Parliamentary Call for Fossil Fuel-Free Future ( FFFF) Campaign in The Gambia in 2022 and got over 63% (37 out of 58) of National Assembly members to sign the petition. He also participated in the development of a regional strategy for the FFFF Campaign and engaged parliamentarians within Africa to sign the petition for the Campaign. He is excited to support CAN and its allies to build a robust campaign approach for the Big Shift Campaign. He is very passionate about working on social justice and joining CAN to contribute to transformative work.

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