Fiza Naz Qureshi

Big Shift Global Gas Campaigner

About Fiza

Fiza is a development and humanitarian professional with over 15 years of experience. Her
expertise spans strategy development and effective collaboration with civil society
organizations and networks at regional and national levels. Specifically, Fiza has focused on
gender mainstreaming, Accountability to Affected Population (AAP), Disability inclusion, project
management, research, advocacy, campaigning, capacity building, and networking within South
Asia, particularly addressing tax justice, climate justice, social inequalities, finance for
development and gender equality in humanitarian contexts, including responses to Non-
Economic Loss and Damage from Climate-Induced disasters.

In April 2024, Fiza made a significant career move by joining the CAN International team as a
Gas Campaigner. This role has allowed her to contribute to the Big Shift initiative, which aims to
transition development banks away from fossil fuels, specifically Gas, and towards sustainable,
renewable energy sources. Fiza's advocacy prowess has been recognized globally, with notable
appearances as a panelist at the World Bank Spring Meeting in Washington DC (2023), active
participation in the Asian Development Bank's Annual General Meeting in South Korea (2023),
and attendance at COPs focusing on climate change negotiations. At COP 26, Fiza played a
pivotal role in championing Pakistan's case for the Loss and Damage Fund, advocating for Debt
to Nature Swap initiatives, and stressing the importance of not considering Gas/LNG as a
transition fuel, all while passionately addressing climate challenges and supporting vulnerable
communities, especially women affected by the devastating 2022 floods.

One of Fiza's notable achievements includes her impactful work on Gas/RLNG in Pakistan,
where she developed a comprehensive gas strategy and successfully campaigned with
Mitsubishi Corporation to withdraw the Tabeer LNG Project. She also undertook a Euro Tour
advocating for Building Better Banks with European Champions, engaging with development
and finance ministries, Members of Parliament, and national civil society organizations (CSOs)
across Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. These advocacy efforts were focused
on discussions to reform the international financial architecture, showcasing Fiza's dedication
to advancing climate justice and social justice causes globally.

Fiza holds an MPhil in International Development Studies from Iqra University, Pakistan, and is
currently pursuing a PhD in Gender from the University of Malaya, Malaysia. Fluent in English,
Urdu, and Sindhi, with a working knowledge of Arabic, she is based in Islamabad, Pakistan, and
continues to be a steadfast advocate for social justice, emphasizing the urgent need for global
action on climate justice and solidarity with marginalized communities worldwide.


Contact Fiza

Email: fqureshi[at]climatenetwork[dot]org

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