The Fossil of the Day Award is a daily “award” given to those countries who are the best at being the worst and doing the most to do the least. Countries are nominated by CAN and the award is determined by a CAN Members’ vote. 

Despite all the challenges surrounding the logistics for CoP26, the CAN Secretariat will still coordinate Fossil of the Day this year, albeit with a slightly modified format. Front of mind has been the safety of all participants and how we can continue our tradition of giving a daily fossil award during the talks, despite having a much smaller delegation and COVID restrictions that make it hard to have a ‘pop-up’ event every evening. 

Exceptionally, at CoP26 Fossils are being announced during CAN media briefing at 11:45 GMT. Most of the process will roll out as usual, except for the fact that we will not have the traditional Awards Ceremony in person at 18h00 due to COVID-19 restrictions on mass gatherings and assemblies. And as with our other advocacy and communication tools, Fossil of the Day will focus on Loss and Damage Finance being a litmus test for this COP.  

Importantly, it will be running on a repetitive cycle that starts in the morning; runs throughout the day; and continues the next morning at which time the next cycle starts as well.

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Fossil of the Day

Awards given by CAN to the countries who are “doing the most to achieve the least” in terms of the progress on climate change.

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