November 9, 2022, COP27: First ´Fossil of the Day´goes to. .. Japan

November 10, 2022, COP27: Egypt: no protesters allowed, but a very warm welcome to fossil fuel lobbyists.

November 11, 2022, COP27: Decarbonisation Day: Fossil Bonanza! USA, Russia, Egypt and UAE refuse to decarbonise – Fossils run in their veins

November 12, 2022, COP27: While hundreds march for climate reparations, the US remains unmoved on delivering it´s debt.  

November 14, 2022, COP27: New Zealand’s midnight disappointment

November 15, 2022, COP27: Turkey: a Statement of Confusion

November 16, 2022, COP27: From Russia with love (and smoke!)

November 17, 2022, COP27: A weak tea cover text from Egypt and Israel´s greenwashing of human rights violations

November 18, 2022, COP27: Presenting the worst of the worst: USA goes home as Colossal Fossil


The Fossil of the Day Award is a daily “award” given to those countries who are the best at being the worst and doing the most to do the least. Countries are nominated by CAN and the award is determined by a CAN Members’ vote. 

As usual, the COP27 in person Awards Ceremony will take place each day at 18h00.

Importantly, it will be running on a repetitive cycle that starts in the morning; runs throughout the day; and continues the next morning at which time the next cycle starts as well.

For media inquiries about Fossil of the Day Award, contact

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