women in blue protest in COP27


After a year of unprecedented climate impacts across the world including the recent devastating floods in Pakistan and Nigeria – people are rising. Frontline women from Global South brought the flood to COP27 to urge rich nations to compensate most affected communities for loss and damages caused by over a century of emissions cause climate crisis we are in.

Sea levels are rising, inflation is rising, inequality is rising, temperatures are rising, debt is rising, drought is rising, food prices are rising, wildfires are rising, rent is rising, extinction is rising, cost of living is rising, energy prices are rising and corporate profits are rising – so the people are rising too.

Global Day of Action Climate Justice March

With the slogan “we are not yet defeated” over a thousand of people marched on the afternoon of 12th of November at COP27 in Egypt to make it clear that civil society will not give up in defending their demands. Environmental NGOs, Women and gender constituency,  Indigenous peoples organisations, Trade union NGOs, and Children and youth NGOs joined the COP27 coalition o to organise this big march that will take place within the Blue Zone (governed by UN rules), due to the limitations on free speech rights imposed by the Egyptian government. 

BigShift Action

During the action on November 9th in the COP27 blue zone, we made clear that:

Funding fossils is not Paris aligned, and this includes fossil gas. Therefore, public finance must shift to clean energy.

The MDBs are due to update on their alignment with the Paris Agreement


On Thursday, November 17th, as the COP27 winded down, a vast coalition of civil society groups took over a plenary hall for a mass “People’s Plenary” where civil society will present their aligned “People’s Declaration” demands, and make powerful statements about the urgent need for climate justice.

Song: Tell us Who

In collaboration with Sister Odelia, the team of CAN International created a song on Loss and Damage.

The final official day of the COP27, this song was played at in blue zone, inviting everyone to join in the choreography.

The song can be found here on YouTube

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