Ministers and senior negotiators from representative countries gather in Berlin for the 13th Petersberg Climate Dialogue (PCD13) that follows the Bonn SBs and G7 Summit in June where we saw a lack of ambition and progress on climate action, in particular for loss and damage finance. PCD13 will be an opportunity to put pressure on governments ahead of the November COP27 climate talks in Egypt.

Climate change is moving faster than we are. Climate impacts are already upon us in a world that is 1.1°C degrees above the pre-industrial level causing impacts to people, natural ecosystems, food and water security, human health, livelihoods, and cities and infrastructure. The pace of climate change is exceeding many actions taken to adapt to it. Around 3.3 billion people live in places that are highly vulnerable to climate change (IPCC Impacts Report, 2022). Without significantly scaled action on mitigation and a functioning MWP, we will witness the need for more adaptation and as that will not be able to capture all impacts we will see loss and damage significantly increase in scale as outlined by the IPCC 6AR.

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