The 26th Conference of the Parties under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP26) is scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, during November 2021. CAN has a long and successful record of steering climate advocacy in various international multilateral fora. The network co-leads the environment non-governmental constituency (ENGO) in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which hosts the annual UN climate talks.


CAN works to ensure the best possible outcomes from the UN climate change negotiations that take place twice a year when governments meet as the conference of parties (COP) under the UNFCCC. As accredited civil society observers to the negotiations, members of the network identify, monitor and shape the course of climate negotiations with a view to ensure that governments are accountable to deliver on the most ambitious and far-reaching commitments that addresses the climate crisis.

CAN uses a variety of political advocacy and communication tools, established over the last three decades, such as the ECO newsletter, Fossil of the Day awards, press conferences and strategy meetings.

The Road to COP26

Hosted by the UK government together with the Italian government, COP26 was scheduled to take place in Glasgow, UK, in November 2020 but is now postponed to November 2021 because of the Covid19 pandemic.

Through the past year CAN has sustained pressure on governments to deliver on the strongest levels of ambition and finance and to come prepared to Glasgow with the strongest levels of political will to address the climate crisis. By focusing on the needs of communities worst impacted by the climate crisis, CAN engages through the Working Groups to plan and implement its strategy on a variety of issues pertaining to the COP negotiations such as on: finance, ambition, adaptation, Loss & Damage, carbon markets, ecosystems and many others.

CAN also prepares for the technical negotiating sessions that take place between May and June every year.

Safety and Equity Demands for COP26

No normal COP in an abnormal time

The network consultations have underlined the dilemma we are facing. On the one hand, the climate crisis requires a COP for both political and technical aspects to ensure the implementation of the Paris Agreement and with the required urgency. On the other hand, the way in which the COP26 UK-presidency proposes to host this COP26 “as a normal and most inclusive COP ever” creates major concerns about the potential risks to public safety and in addition it currently seems almost impossible to be organized in a manner that allows meaningful equitable participation from both the Global South and North. This paper summarizes CAN’s principles and demands to ensure that COP26 is as equitable, inclusive and safe as possible. Know more

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2021 session of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) 2021 session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI).

The climate crisis is worsening even as the pandemic continues. While COVID-19 slowed down climate diplomacy in 2020, CAN welcomes the June SB session and the emphasis of the UNFCCC Bureau Decision on inclusivity and transparency to “enhance openness, transparency and inclusiveness, effective participation and engagement of observers will be enabled in the same manner as during in-person meetings.” Any procedural discussions must build on this basis to ensure trust in the process going forward.

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