CAN Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

Policy on Harassment and Bullying

Climate Action Network (CAN) International is committed to providing an experience safe of bullying or harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, in the spaces in which CAN-International membership convenes and where our staff work.

CAN International has an anti-bullying and anti-harassment policy in place for its staff, volunteers, interns and contractors (which can be found here) and is currently developing further steps toward building institutions and structures to address harassment and bullying within those spaces.

Bullying and Harassment Reporting and Complaints

CAN is providing a fully independent reporting and complaints platform for members at CAN-I events and for CAN-I workers. If you experience bullying or harassment, or have concerns about bullying or harassment, either as the person affected or as a bystander, you are encouraged to disclose these concerns or report a complaint. If you decide to make a disclosure, you will be able to remain in control over how it is handled and how much information you want to disclose.

The service is provided by EthicsPoint (currently in English only), which many of our larger member organizations and other international organizations are using with great success and satisfaction, and which ensures that the reporting and complaints procedure is completely independent of any CAN structures, which, among other benefits ensures that complaints or reports can also be made with confidence if they involve the designated people.*

If a concern is raised or a report made, EthicsPoint will forward the complaint to NonProfitHR, an HR consultancy, who will then appropriately channel the concern or report to the designated people*, including recommendations as appropriate.

* For CAN-International events or CAN-International staff, the designated people are Tasneem Essop, Interim Executive Director, as well as Mariana Paoli and Christian Holz, the designated CAN-I board members. For USCAN-related reports, the designees are Keya Chatterjee, Executive Director, and Rachel Potter, board chair, and David Thurnbull, board secretary.