“We’re not going to win the battle for climate justice if we’re not all united in the fight against injustice. This is what this #COP26 is all about. We are running out of time. In order to repair this injustice and hold polluters accountable we need an honest, high-level and concrete plan to pay for climate damages. This will be a litmus test of the success of COP26. They must #PayUp4LossandDamage.”

– Tasneem Essop, CAN Executive Director

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Loss and Damage – the impacts of climate change that were not averted or minimized through adaptation and mitigation activities – is already a lived reality for people around the world, violating their human rights and displacing more than 30 million people in 2020 alone. Poor and vulnerable countries and communities are least responsible for climate change but are already facing the majority of its negative impacts, in the form of both extreme weather events like hurricanes, and floods and slow onset processes such as sea-level rise.


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Engaging in our collective action

There are many ways you can engage in COP26 as part of the civil society whether you are in Glasgow or not. CAN uses a variety of political advocacy and communication tools and campaigns, established over the last three decades, to influence world leaders, negotiators and other officials. Find out more on how you, too, can take part in fighting for the best outcomes from COP26:


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Raising Ambition and Accountability

CAN sustained pressure on governments to deliver on the strongest levels of ambition and finance and to come prepared to Glasgow with the strongest levels of political will to address the climate crisis.  CAN engages through the Working Groups to plan and implement its strategy on a variety of issues pertaining to the COP negotiations such as on: finance, ambition, adaptation, Loss & Damage, carbon markets, ecosystems and many others.

Check out the CAN Annual Policy Document which outlines our key policy asks – Executive Summary available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. You may also refer to this pre-COP briefing.

Solidarity for Climate Justice

By focusing on the needs of communities most impacted by the climate crisis, CAN works with its members, partners, coalitions and other constituencies of the UNFCCC process to ensure the best possible outcomes COP26. As accredited civil society observers to the negotiations, members of the network identify, monitor and shape the course of climate negotiations with a view to ensure that governments are accountable to deliver on the most ambitious and far-reaching commitments that addresses the climate crisis for the people and most vulnerable communities. Know more about our key allies and how you can be in solidarity with them:

Photos by: (from top to bottom) Shannon Shah, Loss & Damage Collaboration; Julia Pashkovska, CAN EECCA, Julia Pashkovska, CAN EECCA; and Txai Suruí, CAN Latin America

Fossil of the Day

Awards given by CAN to the countries who are “doing the most to achieve the least” in terms of the progress on climate change.

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