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CAN reactions to the postponement of COP26 to 2021

2 Apr 2020

People promise to take to the streets as world leaders leave UN climate talks with no plan for climate crisis

16 Dec 2019

As impacts rise, decisions on loss and damage must be central to COP25 agenda

3 Dec 2019

Major Emitters Failed People at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, Civil Society said

24 Sep 2019

Climate Action Network – response to fires in the Amazon rainforests

24 Aug 2019

New IPCC study on land and climate change must spur renewed political conviction to stop climate breakdown

8 Aug 2019

Updates from week one of the Bonn climate meeting: uneven progress on technical issues

23 Jun 2019

World Refugee Day: We need solidarity and strong international mandates to assist those displaced by climate impacts

20 Jun 2019

‘Protecting primary forests and allowing them to grow is vital to tackling the climate and ecological crisis’

18 Jun 2019

IPCC 1.5°C Report: “With evidence from science, governments will have nowhere to hide”

4 Oct 2018