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Blog 09.12.20 Five years of the Paris Agreement – time for the MDBs to increase action

9 Dec 2020

Finance in Common: A missed opportunity for leadership and ambition on climate and energy

12 Nov 2020

Blog 5.11.20 Finance in Common – An opportunity for bold climate action

5 Nov 2020

Blog 26.10.20 World Bank Annual meetings – Bolder Action Needed.

26 Oct 2020

World Bank Annual Meetings – Bolder Action Needed

26 Oct 2020

Blog 19.10.20 Off target: World Bank’s fossil fuel addiction keeps energy poor countries in the dark

19 Oct 2020

Blog 12.10.20 World Bank Annual Meetings – Investments in fossil fuels are not acceptable

12 Oct 2020

Blog 08.10.20 The EBRD has announced its new president – Congratulations to Odette Renaud-Basso!

8 Oct 2020

Blog 17.09.20 Who will be the next president of the EBRD? (And why Big Shift Global members care)

17 Sep 2020

2 month countdown to Finance in Common summit

8 Sep 2020

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