End of week one: Civil society experts provide update on progress on negotiations at COP27

11 November 2022

Full press conference of 11 November available on:
CAN: Climate Action Network Press Briefing on COP27 | UNFCCC

11 November 2022: At a press conference hosted by Climate Action Network today, civil society representatives from the network provided a state-of-play on the progress of negotiations at COP27 across various issues such as Loss and Damage finance, the Mitigation Work Programme, the Global Goal on Adaptation and climate finance.

Eddy Perez, International Climate Diplomacy Director, CAN Canada, said: “COP27 is becoming a platform for polluters to spread their business. On Loss and Damage, the G77 is united and strong, telling one single message: we need to leave COP27 with the adoption of a fund for Loss and Damage. This COP cannot be one on procedural outcomes. African negotiators want to leave COP27 with an impactful outcome that responds to those on the frontline of the climate crisis.” 

Mohamed Adow, Director, PowerShift Africa, said: “We are far from delivering tangible progress on adaptation and designing the Global Goal on Adaptation and finance which was discussed in Glasgow last year. In each of these issues, African people are at the frontline of climate change. The only possible outcome for saving lives and ensuring good progress is for this COP to deliver on finance for Loss and Damage. The US continues to block progress on agreeing to a finance facility for Loss and Damage, although they are the leading historical emitter. We are saying no to offsets, no to false solutions and yes to the real measures required to stabilize the planet. Since Paris in 2015, global emissions have risen. This is unacceptable and we need this COP to address that.”

Sindra Sharma, Global Policy Lead, Climate Action Network International, said: “COP27 must agree on a funding facility for Loss and Damage as the bare minimum towards supporting those experiencing climate devastation and who have done the least to cause the climate crisis.” “With people losing their lives and livelihoods without support to adapt and rebuild from climate change, how can we focus on anything else? COP27 cannot result in another talk shop and rich countries must stop paying lip service and work towards a real outcome on a funding facility for Loss and Damage.”

Fernanda Carvalho, Global Policy Lead – Climate and Energy Practice at WWF, said: “Mitigation is important to keep global warming under 1.5C, and is connected to adaptation and loss and damage: the more mitigation you do the less you need to spend on dealing with adaptation and Loss and Damage. Preventing further Loss and Damage starts with phasing out all fossil fuels and cutting emissions to half by this decade. The Mitigation Work Programme must deliver concrete outcomes that can ensure Parties take measures to keep 1.5C in sight.”

For more information, contact Dharini Parthasarathy, Global Communications Lead, CAN International; email: dparthasarathy@climatenetwork.org, or WhatsApp/call on +918826107830About Climate Action Network:
Climate Action Network (CAN) is a global network of over 1800 NGOs in over 150 countries, working to fight the climate crisis. www.climatenetwork.org .

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