US Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement

4 November 2020

The formal withdrawal of the US today from the #ParisAgreement comes amidst a shifting tide of public support for urgent and far-reaching action to stop the climate crisis. Poll after poll show that the American people want climate-friendly policies.

As the US formally exits the #ParisAgreement, the world is moving forward. China, Japan and South Korea have recently committed to go net-zero by mid-century. Just as with the #COVID19 pandemic, no one country can stop the #climatecrisis alone. This is the moment for the strongest levels of multilateral cooperation.

Regardless of the current US administration’s exit from the #ParisAgreement, it cannot undo the powerful movement for #climatejustice built by millions of people in the U.S. and across the world, empowered by a renewed sense of international solidarity for a safe and just future.

The fight for social justice and anti-racism, led by young people, Black people, Indigenous Peoples and people of colour, resonates globally and will continue to push the US government to deliver on transformative action & climate justice both domestically and abroad.

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