Merci Hélène

26 June 2019

Dr. Hélène Connor died last Friday 21st of June on a flight as she returned home from a long-wished trip to Tibet. Hélène was a Montreal University Ph.D and a graduate of France’s top business school Hautes Etudes Commerciales. This soft spoken, unassuming and charming Frenchwoman was radiantly brilliant.

She was a real multitasking powerhouse of ideas, advocacy, scholarly research and innovative thinking regarding all aspects of the energy transition to 100% renewables and overcoming energy poverty in developing countries. 

Her four decades of ceaseless activity were formally honoured with the Legion of Honour award from the President of France. Amongst her many achievements were the founding of the global network HELIO International – Energy for ecodevelopment, the highly influential climate and development research of the South South North network, and her science-based, perceptive and surely “annoying” critique of nuclear energy.  

Hélène, a frequent COP participant and active member of CAN, was an unfailing source of wisdom, guidance, political savvy and inside information. She was always ready to patiently guide her many friends and contacts with her invaluable insights. 

Merci Hélène, for all you did. You will be greatly missed! The highest tribute we can pay to you is to determinedly continue your struggle for responsible planetary management and truly sustainable development, which leaves no one behind.

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