Less is more on the New York scene this fall

21 June 2019

Are you also a Head of State stressing out about what to pack for the climate summit in September? Fear not. ECO has everything you need to know on this year’s most important trends. As you know Secretary General António Guterres has asked Heads of State not to bring speeches but to bring action plans in line with 1.5 ºC. But ECO realises that some countries might not remember what ambitious action looks like. So, as a special service for those countries and for the viewing pleasure of the rest of you, ECO has today decided to bring the following picture as our centrefold:

This very fetching curve is bound to become a hit in New York this autumn. What you’re looking at is a depiction of the brand-new 70% reduction target that the incoming Danish government announced last night. Notice the clean lines, plummeting curves and great timing, just beautiful.

First to catch ECO” eyes is how the 70% target in 2030 signifies a clear progression from previous efforts, especially the last few years. Secondly, extend the curve. Extend it all the way to where it will touch the x-axis. Notice that the intersection point will be in ca 2040. Notice how this makes it a beautiful match with the IPCC 1.5°C report, which for sure will be the talk of the town this fall in New York.

ECO also notices that at the StepUP2020 Booth, right here at the venue, many developing countries have been announcing their intention to enhance their NDCs by 2020.  But hey – what happened to the other developed countries? – what plans will you bring to New York? Don’t be shy – pass by the booth and flash your newest style!

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