Facilitating the Sharing of Your Views

19 June 2019

ECO is excited to see nine non-Annex I Parties participating in the facilitative sharing of views (FSV) for their biennial update reports (BURs) and offers our congratulations to Parties for the work in developing their BURs. ECO thinks the FSV can be a great place to share lessons learned and experiences with other Parties in a constructive and welcoming environment. We look forward to hearing your presentations and Q&A sessions throughout the day.

Since ECO and other observers can’t ask questions during these workshops, we wanted to share our questions with you, to inform your discussions:

  • Armenia
    • Armenia’s BUR notes that an MRV system will be established in 2019. Can you provide an update on the establishment of this system? What lessons has Armenia learned from its participation in the international consultation and analysis process that has informed the establishment of the MRV system?
  • Brazil
    • Brazil’s BUR2 notes that the Modular System for Monitoring Actions and GHG Emissions Reductions (SMMARE) would be revised in 2017 to monitor mitigation and adaptation actions. Can you speak to your experience in building and evolving your MRV system and the process of revising the systems to ensure they are fit-for-purpose? How does Brazil envision the ongoing future evolution of its MRV system?
  • Nigeria
    • In the BUR, it is noted that the report is submitted with “the intent that the information contained therein will prove useful towards achieving the set environmental goals and objectives of the country as well as the objectives of the Convention.” How do you envision that the report and Nigeria’s MRV system will serve domestic action?
  • Republic of Korea
    • In October, South Chungcheong Province announced they were joining the Power Past Coal Alliance. Knowing that there is still a heavy reliance on coal, how will this announcement inform future national planning and inventory projections? Is the Republic of Korea still planning to construct new coal plants and further coal plant retrofits?
  • South Africa
    • Congratulations to South Africa on the implementation of the new carbon tax at the beginning of this month. How and when is South Africa making efforts to update the plan, plateau, decline strategy? How does this strategy, together with the national development plan, address the multi-pronged just transition agenda?
  • Thailand
    • The BUR notes that two issues affecting inventory quality are emissions factors and activity data. How has Thailand approached efforts to address these issues and what lessons has Thailand learned from other Parties as they”ve struggled with these same issues?
  • The Republic of North Macedonia
    • The BUR2 notes that “over 6,200 green jobs can be expected in 2035 by implementing energy efficiency measures in buildings and low-carbon energy supply.” How is the Republic of North Macedonia incorporating the views and inputs of citizens working in these sectors into decision-making processes?
  • Uruguay
    • Uruguay is implementing its CBIT project, titled “Building Institutional and Technical Capacities to Enhance Transparency in the Framework of the Paris Agreement.” The aim is to provide tools, training and assistance for meeting the provisions stipulated in Article 13 of the Agreement. How has this project supported efforts also related to the development of the next biennial update reports? Is the project coordinated with other related initiatives and national/regional plans in the country?
  • Viet Nam
    • Viet Nam’s BUR2 describes several improvements to its GHG inventory from BUR1. What efforts and improvements has Viet Nam made or plans to make for its work on the BUR3?

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