Ray of the Day

14 December 2018

It’s the end of week two. We’re all a little tired, emotionally spent, and perhaps looking forward to a lovely break.

Therefore, at the end of a rather dismal COP in a rather dreary climate, it is high time we spread a bit of sunshine! Today, we choose to recognise the vulnerable countries at these negotiations with a Ray of the COP.

Despite facing existential threats from climate change they are engaging patiently and in good faith, with those who choose to deny the science, deny their right to loss and damage finance, and deny previous hard-fough decisions, like the Paris Agreement.

The Pacific Island Developing States released a statement calling it like it is: “COP24 IS A PIVOTAL MOMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY”.

The IPCC report has detailed the risk of the survival of island communities due to extreme weather and rising sea levels. The statement made it clear of the “absolute necessity” to include Loss and Damage (Article 8 of the Paris Agreement) in the Paris Rulebook for Transparency, Finance, and the Global Stocktake.

Specifically, we would like to recognise the Ministers of Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, Samoa, Tuvalu, Fiji and the Leaders of the Maldives and Tuvalu who have made such powerful statements in plenary that included:

“Whether you welcome, note or ignore the science, this is catastrophic for humanity” – Vanuatu Foreign Minister, Ralph Regenvanu

“The truth is we had no choice but to do our part.” – Prime Minister of the Cook Islands, Henry Poona

“Our quest for solutions to address the most pressing and existential issue of our time – climate change – has never been more urgent.” – Prime Minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Lupesoliai

“It is very clear that climate change is the single greatest threat to humanity we face today.” – Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Enele Sopoaga

Thank you for raising your voices in this time of great need. We can only hope that other countries will listen and take heed.

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