Bangladesh Looking at Developing a National Mechanism on Loss and Damage

14 December 2018

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries to the adverse impacts of climate change and has been at the forefront of adaptation planning and practice for over a decade. It has the proud aim to be one of the most resilient countries to the effects of climate change globally by 2030.

However, Bangladesh has recently been hit by severe floods and cyclones which have become, and will continue to be, both more frequent and more intense, leading to considerable loss and damage attributable to developed-country-induced climate change.

Hence, the government of Bangladesh yesterday shared its experience in Katowice on developing a national mechanism on loss and damage through a two year pilot project. Bangladesh invites the rest of the world to come and participate in the exercise to both offer knowledge and support, as well as learn from its experiences.

This clearly demonstrates that loss and damage from human induced climate change is real and happening, and the vulnerable developing countries have agency and are not simply relying on international support to deal with their harsh reality.

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