Proxy Questions for the Multilateral Assessment Speakers’ List

7 December 2018

ECO is looking forward to observing the second set of facilitative sharing of views and the multilateral assessment workshops today. Since ECO can’t ask questions during these workshops, we figured we’d share our questions with you anyway.

ECO is eagerly awaiting news from Germany’s coal commission, while noting the discrepancy between scientific results (SR1.5) and Germany’s declared intentions at international conferences and its domestic climate policy. What measures is Germany planning in the energy sector to achieve its national climate protection targets by 2020? How many gigawatts of coal-fired power plants will have to be shut down to achieve that target? What is Germany doing to create the necessary framework conditions to reduce its transport emissions by 40 to 42 percent by 2030, as indicated in its NDC?

While Czechia is projected to meet its 2020 target, the planned extension of the Bílina open-cast lignite mine calls into question its ability to continue to achieve emission reductions and raises the possibility of future stranded assets. Phasing-out coal energy by 2030 at the latest will be critical for Europe and the OECD in responding to the SR1.5. When will Czechia announce such a phase-out and introduce measures to deliver it?

The share of coal in Hungary’s energy mix is minor and its fleet is old. In light of the SR1.5, ECO wonders when it can expect to hear the government announce its coal phase- out? Such an announcement would send a positive signal to other states in the region.

Slovakia is in a similar situation, with “only” 12% of the Slovak electricity coming from an old and tired coal fleet. It could be a regional champion too, by announcing the phase-out of coal. Slovakia is part of the EU’s “Coal Regions in Transition Platform”, an EU-driven project, which supports, financially and otherwise, the just transition of coal regions. Given all of these factors, ECO wonders if an announcement is imminent. Can we set up a date for the phase-out? 2023 is entirely feasible.

Andorra, Lebanon, Namibia and Tunisia have all submitted two BURs. According to the GEF, Namibia is on track to submit its third BUR by the end of this year. ECO would like to know what the secret is to this regular and timely reporting?

Should Parties want to hear more from ECO, be sure to allow for observer questions in the Enhanced Transparency Framework as part of the Paris Rulebook.

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