F. M. C. P.

6 September 2018

We know we”ve raised it before, but we realized yesterday that it was worth another reminder as none of our concerns were raised during the transparency discussions: the Facilitative, Multilateral Consideration of Progress (FMCP) will only be effective if it builds on the expertise and perspectives of civil society. Unless you step up, we risk ruining what could be a constructive process. So let us try present- ing it in a different medium…namely, in a song! We sincerely hope you get this song stuck in your head.

(The song should be read in a sing-song-y voice to the tune of Village People’s YMCA)

It’s fun to be – a – part of the F.M.C.P.
It’s fun to be – a – part of the F.M.C.P.

Party, are you listening to me?
I said, Party, what do you want to be?
I said, Party, you can make the PA strong.
But you got to know this one thing!

It’s fun to be – a – part of the F.M.C.P.
It’s fun to be – a – part of the F.M.C.P.

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