KP2 – Slow and Steady Just Won’t Do

5 September 2018

Remember this table, Parties? It has changed slightly, but not nearly enough since Bonn. It is now too late for the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol (KP2) to enter into force by COP24 and the stocktake on pre-2020 implementation and ambition. Slow and steady just won’t do when we’re trying to honor and implement treaties to fight global disasters.

Thank you, Belize, Benin, Eritrea, and Niger, for ratifying the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol since we were all together last time. We still need 29 more Parties to join them and the other KP2 ratifiers in order to reach the threshold of ¾ of Parties to the KP to secure entry into force, however. Paradoxically, we find more than 29 candidates among some of those countries and groups most vocal about the urgent need for Doha ratification, as you can see from ECO’s helpful table.

In January 2018, non-ratifiers received letters from the Fiji COP President and the UNFCCC Executive Secretary, urging them to ratify the amendment. If your decision-makers have failed to see the relevance, please remind them that the Doha ratification will make it possible to hold developed countries accountable to their pre-2020 commitments, and that failure to ratify and implement the KP2 sets a worrying precedent for the Paris Agreement.

In addition to the BASICs and their impressive and encouraging complete score, there’s one other group that is very close to 100%. Dear Poland, will you make the EU’s dreams come true by COP24?

115/192 Parties to the KP have ratified the Doha Amendment, 77 have not 60 %
2/3 ABU countries have ratified, 1 has not 67 %
27/54 Africa Group countries have ratified, 27 have not 50 %
5/8 AILAC countries have ratified, 3 have not 63 %
5/11 ALBA countries have ratified, 6 have not 45 %
24/39 AOSIS countries have ratified, 15 have not 62 %
6/22 Arab Group countries have ratified, 16 have not 27 %
4/4 BASIC countries have ratified! 100 %
13/20 CVF countries have ratified, 7 have not 65 %
5/6 EIG countries have ratified, 1 has not 83 %
27/28 EU countries have ratified, 1 has not 96 %
71/134 G77 & China countries have ratified, 63 have not 53 %
21/47 LDC countries have ratified, 26 have not 45 %
14/24 LMDC countries have ratified the Doha Amendment, 10 have not 58 %
4/9 Umbrella Group countries have ratified, 5 have not (2 are not eligible) 44 %

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