Groundbreaking new way to tackle climate change!

10 May 2018

Yesterday, the Talanoa Dialogue received two submissions, The Lofoten Declaration and the Not a Penny More Declaration, representing close to 500 organizations from around the globe and 140 prominent economists respectively. They are offering a groundbreaking solution to increasing climate ambition: tackle fossil fuel demand, supply and financing at the same time! What a novel idea! Be groundbreaking by not breaking ground.


These declarations are not new to the halls of the UNFCCC. However, by officially making their way into the Talanoa Dialogue process, signatories hope that even more Parties and stakeholders will get the message: It is high time to put an end to exploration, expansion, and financing of fossil fuel production.


To those wealthy, developed producers that have mastered a particular expertise in oxymorons (clean coal, oil pipelines to support climate action, natural gas as a bridge fuel etc€¦), ECO’s message is simple: In with the good and out with the bad. It is time for a managed decline and a just transition out of all fossil fuels.

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