A Common Timeframe Needed to Decide the Common Timeframe

8 May 2018

ECO is getting worried that the negotiators do not have a common view on the timeframe issue to make a decision on the Common Timeframes. How ironic is it to negotiate on common timeframes without a common timeframe for adopting a decision? ECO believes that a good timeframe for this decision to be made would be by December, when it should be concluded as part of the PAWP package in Katowice.


ECO looks forward to “sunny Bangkok” to the further discussions on the draft conclusion together with the CRP documents. Echoing AOSIS, African Group, LDC, and Brazil, ECO is a big fan of a shorter NDC implementation period. And therefore encourages countries to adopt the positive spirit outlined by China by considering the “advantages” of a 5 year commitment period. A common timeframe of NDC implementation between 2031 and 2035 would help us avoid locking in low levels of ambition, harness rapidly evolving real world opportunities, incentivize early action, and synchronize better with the broader Paris climate regime.

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