Koronivia: Seeding principles and harvesting guidelines for climate action in Agriculture

4 May 2018

Parties have started to develop roadmap and timeframe to take forward Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture (KJWA). Parties surely need no reminder that climate action under the Paris Agreement will kick off in 2020, and that agriculture will be one of the key components for many countries” NDCs in adaptation and mitigation. To ensure that climate action really meets the goal of feeding people sustainably in a warming world, without undermining the 4 pillars of food security or peoples” rights, ECO proposes that Parties remember to develop guiding principles through parameters. Clear expected outcomes should be defined, to help keep the KJWA process on track with the ultimate goal of informing climate action and NDCs in agriculture.


Parties should now decide on a structure to frame the 3 years of the KJWA. This is how ECO pictures it:


Input to the KJWA process should be the core guiding principles, recognising food security, the vulnerability of agriculture and principles of the Paris Agreement preamble (food security, human rights including the rights of indigenous peoples, gender, ecosystem integrity, intergenerational equity, just transition and public participation). This should be agreed here at SB48, to orient the KJWA workshops and expert meetings.


At the end of the process, ECO hopes that the outcomes of the KJWA will include a set of guidelines for climate action in the agriculture sector, including NDCs.



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