5 years is the way to go!

2 May 2018

ECO is delighted that yesterday’s session on Common Timeframes showed progress. At the first meeting of SB 48, like at COP23 last year, a large number of parties again expressed their support for a 5 year NDC implementation period.


ECO is cheering this effort on. To avoid locking in low ambition and to harness rapidly evolving real world opportunities, 5 years is the way to go. Countries should decide on a common 5 year NDC implementation period at COP24, so that the next round of NDCs could be submitted in 2025 and be implemented from 2031 to 2035.


Big thumbs up to:

AILAC, African Group, South Africa, LDC, New Zealand, Brazil, Bangladesh, Marshall Islands. Special recognition goes to Switzerland for considering adjusting its domestic process to allow 5 year cycles.


Big thumbs down to:

Japan and Norway €” ECO wants to understand; why you are resisting? Even in a 5 year regime, there is nothing that prevents you from sending long term signals to your domestic constituencies or even communicating an indicative 10 year target internationally.