Tally Table for KP2 Ratification

1 May 2018

ECO shares the frustration expressed by many Parties about the glacial pace of ratifications of the Doha Amendment, which would allow the 2nd commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol (KP2), covering the period of 2013-2020, to enter into force. In case it has escaped anyone’s notice, this covers the period that we’re currently in€¦


Only 33 more countries need to ratify in order to bring the Doha Amendments and KP2 into force. ECO wonders, where will we find those 33 countries? One good place to start should be with those countries and groups that express the greatest concern about the lack of ratification. The table below analyzes the number and percentage of negotiating group members who have yet to ratify KP2.


ECO wonders which country will step forward next…?


Negotiating group % Ratified
2/3 ABU members have ratified, 1 has not 67%
24/54 Africa Group members have ratified, 30 have not 44%
5/8 AILAC members have ratified, 3 have not 62%
5/11 ALBA members have ratified, 6 have not 45%
23/39 AOSIS members have ratified, 16 have not 59%
6/22 Arab Group members have ratified, 16 have not 27%
4/4 BASIC members have ratified! 100%
5/6 Environmental Integrity Group members have ratified, 1 has not 83%
27/28 EU member states have ratified, 1 has not 96%
67/134 G77 & China members have ratified, 67 have not 50%
21/47 Least Developed Countries have ratified, 26 have not 45%
14/24 LMDC members have ratified the Doha Amendment, 10 have not 58%
4/9 Umbrella Group members have ratified, 5 have not (2 cannot as not KP members) 44%
111/144 states need to ratify the Doha Amendment and bring KP2 into force 77%

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