Emissions Gap Report Highlights Need for Higher Ambition

8 November 2017

Scientists suggest that the even with full implementation of current NDCs 80% of the carbon budget for 2 degrees will be depleted by 2030, and would be fully depleted for the 1.5 degree target. And that is if countries actually fulfill their NDC commitments, which is in doubt for the US, Indonesia, Australia, and several others.

There is good news, however. Global CO2 equivalent emissions €” not just energy-related CO2 €” seem to have plateaued between 2014 to 2016. Moreover, there is growing potential for cost-effective carbon cuts, defined as below $US100/ton CO2, until 2030. This means that the number of policies with minimal or even negative costs have been growing significantly.

If externalities such as air pollution and carbon emissions are also included in the analysis, the economic potential of cutting emissions is even greater.

ECO encourages all governments to study the findings of the UN Environment report, negative and positive, and understand what it means for them in terms of taking fast and ambitious domestic action.

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